Hunter Kris

Hunting Dogs

* German Brac short hair / wire
* Jagd Terrier
* English Pointer
* Epagneul Breton
* Transylvanian Scenthounds

caini de vanatoare

Pensiune in Delta Dunarii

Hunting Season

Duck - September 1 to February 28
Goose - September 1 to February 28
Pheasant - October 15 / November 1 to February 28
Beccace - September 1 to January 31
Skylark - August 15 to October 31
Quail - August 15-January 31
Rabbit - November 1 to January 31
Partridge - 15 October to 31 December
Cesena - September 1 to January 31
Wild boar - August 1 to February 15
Carpathian - September 15 to December 31
Deer - May 15 to October 15
Fallow Deer - September 1 to October 31
Wolf - November 1 to May 15
Bear - March 15 to May 15, October 1 to December 15


ASSOCIATION THE HUNTING "HUNTER KRIS" is a professional services firm specializing in hunting. If you are passionate about hunting, this is your solution. Romania is a country rich in wildlife, the delta of the Danube is considered the most beautiful in the habitat of hunting in Europe for all aquatic species.


Our services

An exotic country, with more than 1,200 species of trees and plants, with the richest bird fauna in continent (300 species) and fish (reperezentat of about 100 species of fish, including sturgeon and herring Danube , Which produce the precious caviar).

Delta has an area of 2681 km squared and is the richest wetlands reserve in Europe. In our search for reserves can hunt small animals (quail, partridges, pheasants, rabbits, roosters, geese, ducks) and mammals (deer, bears, wild boars, wolves, lynx).

ASSOCIATION THE HUNTING "HUNTER KRIS" provide all equipment necessary for you to give a hunter an unforgettable experience.


Who we are?

We offer everything you need to meet the needs of our customers, such as preparation of land for hunting (holes, cabins, brochures) and provide professional assistance hunter, so that always guarantees the best results with minimal effort on our part .

Transportation from the airport and the other travels in Romania, our vehicles will land (one car per three hunters).

ASSOCIATION THE HUNTING "HUNTER KRIS" offer the best service in terms of quality and quantity (hotel, hunting clothes and equipment are always satisfactory), all at special prices for our loyal customers, but competition for those who want the organization to convince us.

We invite you to come and we promise that you will live an unforgettable adventure game!  +40744348950  © copyright Vanatorul Kris